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Take the elevator to talk about civilization

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    In our daily life and work, often can hear such complaints, the elevator how not to? So passengers can wait, does not stop according to the elevator calling elevator button, some people even with kick the door. This behavior is not very elegant, very uncivilized, such behavior will only bring shame on their own image. The following is the study of a small series for you to organize the elevator on the civilized etiquette, for your reference!

   Civilization by elevator etiquette

   All kinds of not sparing the elevator behavior is common in daily life, as a modern home life the most intimate friends, treat the elevator actually is to treat our own, for safety and convenience of the US responsible. Treat the elevator, we need to start from scratch. Take the elevator to talk about civilization and etiquette, is the most concrete manifestation of the elevator. By calling elevator button, a can, not repeated by the chaos, do not umbrella, sticks, knives, keys and other objects to stamp, not to his feet. Not in the elevator loudly, play, not disorderly jumping, left and right swing, lest safety device misoperation causing the passengers were trapped in the car, affecting the normal operation of the elevator. Take good care of the car facilities, such as the steering wheel, the floor indicator, an alarm button, the camera, chewing gum stuck on the button, not chaos in the car write graffiti, throw dirt, such as maintaining the elevator car cleaning, and ensures the service life of the elevator. Consciously not to smoke in the elevator, which is conducive to the health of others is also conducive to avoid the occurrence of fire.

    Lift, for our life to provide convenience, but also to test our civilization, we should also have to treat it. Treat the elevator, is to reduce the maintenance costs, extend the life of the elevator; be kind to the elevator, is responsible for the quality of our lives, our own lives and safety is responsible for.

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