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Elevator ride taboo common sense

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We are going to go out will be used to lift the elevator but also very dangerous, the following small series to tell you about what to take the elevator to pay attention to what:


1、 the elevator door switch is stable, whether the abnormal sound.

2、 lift the start, run, stop is normal.

3、 lift each button operation is normal.

4、 lift the lights, floor display, the elevator outside the floor display and other devices are normal.

5、 emergency device is normal, such as radio, emergency button, exhaust fan and monitor, etc..

6、 when the elevator stops, does it and the floor level of each floor.

Matters needing attention

    Once the above abnormalities, it should immediately stop using, and immediately notify the property maintenance. If take the elevator when a failure occurs, should keep calm, don't panic, timely use of emergency button and radio for help; if not contact the staff, cried out with a loud voice, arouse the attention of others; as the lift may suddenly returned to normal operation, so never attempt to force open the lift door, so as not to cause more serious accident; the elevator suddenly fall, quickly each layer button and select a do not rely on the corner of the door, bend your knees, the body was squat position, try to maintain a balance, a child to hold the baby in her arms.

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